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We’ve all read books at least once in our life that gives us great insight on how stuff works. My colleagues had been bragging about how Google is changing ‘an algorithm’ and how bloggers are going to get affected. 

“Affected?” – I was confused. What does Google have to do with blogging?

After a brief discussion on the topic, I finally understood what they meant. My colleagues were referring to The ranking algorithm or the search algorithm which every pro blogger knows about/ should know about.

And mind you, I was intrigued. Now I wanted to know what this Google search algorithm was all about and how could it affect Bloggers in a major way! I began searching for a book or sort of a tutorial that could help me move forward with answering this question and found that the actual term used for all of this was “Search Engine Optimization”. Next, from a various online source, I learnt that there’s another term called ‘Keyword Research’ and that everything revolves around how well do you choose your keywords so as to attain a better ranking.

Now I wanted to know about the topic in brief and fortunately found an e-book on the same by one of the people we’ve previously Interviewed! I decided to go for it and check whether this book titled “Keyword Research” is any good for a beginner like me?

Below are my feedback and a review on what are the things I really liked and didn’t. 

The Introduction

As a writer/author writing Introduction is one of the toughest tasks that there exists. The introduction in the ebook is perfect for a beginner to understand where does it all starts from. Most importantly the headings in the book are not necessarily heading but questions. Being a teacher and a learner myself, I have been practising this approach and yes, this works very well.

Not only I understood what the basic definition was, the question and answer approach also clarified the questions which I thought/didn’t even thought of. I really like the images the author has put in to explain the concepts in more depth.

Also, its worth to note that the chapter begins with a simple question ‘Is Keyword Research Still

Important?’ and all of the subsequent chapters are somewhat answers to the same question.

Like what are the tools needed to do keyword research or what is search intent. The point is that the author doesn’t leave us hanging and has compiled this book so that all of the major concepts are covered and understood by the readers.

Topics covered and method of teaching

I asked my colleagues if they would recommend me this book after reading it. Although their reply was positive, I still think that if you don’t practice the concepts/tricks taught in this book, you still will remain at level 0. Coming back to the topics, the book highlights whether you should do keyword research and if it’s still relevant. Next, the author, Anil, teaches us where do we start the keyword research journey from. What the terms mean like Seed keyword, navigational or transactional keywords and which tools to consider when listing down the keywords.

One thing that I noticed that was there was no particular tool used by the author. This is what I really liked. Some examples were given using tools like Ubersuggest/keywordtool.io, while the others were explained using SEMRush and Ahrefs.

I really like how the author has carefully used the images and examples with explanations. Often you might come across instances where you couldn’t understand the meaning of something and then you’d have to go and search the internet for that. Not in this case, the language used is pretty simple to understand and the images/explanations just fall in the right place and the right time.

Anil also talks about how they do keyword research at bloggerspassion.com which I think is really cool. Not only you get an insight on how to learn but you also gain some knowledge on how to execute it.

The misses

At times while reading through the book, I often felt that the grammar could have been laid more emphasis on. Though the concepts were explained in a very simple English language, there were times when I could feel the ‘disconnect’ in terms of grammar and wish the content was proofread. Nevertheless, these errors are minimal and do not really harm the overall score that I gave the book. 

Also, it would have been great if the readers could use the tools mentioned in the book for a longer period of time instead of the more conventional free trial. I really think that could have added a great value to the book overall.


I actually didn’t expect that the book would also contain separate sections on ‘how to use different tools’ for doing keyword research. The book covers tutorials on four tools – SEMRush, Keywordtool.io, ahrefs and Ubersuggest. There is also a ‘bonus’ section in the end where you can learn about some concepts and tricks that the author didn’t mention anywhere in the book earlier.

BBL’s Take

All in all, I really like how the book is compiled and the audience it targets. I asked my SEO guy for quick feedback on the same book. Well, both of us concluded that the book is specifically targetted to beginners and starters who’re just starting out their SEO journey. The book is undoubtedly very detailed and Anil has really poured in some serious efforts in explaining some tough concepts in a very simple way. Personally, after reading it I can now confidently explore more related concepts and the tools required to do basic keyword research. If those minor misses could have been avoided, I would have surely given it a higher score.

BBL’s recommendation score stands at 93%.

Comment below if you like this review or have any additional thoughts about this eBook.

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