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I’ve been on a lookout for a proper hosting service that could solve my website needs as well as provide me with some latest features and let me take control of how I want to configure my website. And yes, no guesses here, MilesWeb is by far one of the best options out there, if you’re from India and if you’re looking for a hosting service.

This is a brief review on MilesWeb and I’m going to talk about their service in general, the packs they provide and the features they give you. In the end, I would also give my take on whether you should opt for this hosting service or maybe go for an alternative solution.

Honestly, I was so impressed with MilesWeb’s packs that I instantly decided to try them out for a year. A point that I should mention here is that I faced some ‘hiccups’ like the server going down for 4~6 hours, however the overall experience was/remains average. It’s an easy process to sign up and you can choose your preferred web hosting service from these three available packs. Also, if you’re on a lookout for shared WordPress hosting and are just launching your website, then I’d highly recommend going through this link.

To give you just a quick overview:

  • 1200 INR per year gives you
    • Host 1 Website
    • No Free Domain
    • 1GB SSD Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Website Builder
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • cPanel + Softaculous
    • 3 MySQL DB’s
    • 10 Email Accounts
  • 3120 INR per year would give you
    • Host 1 Website
    • Free Domain
    • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Website Builder
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • cPanel + Softaculous Demo
    • Unlimited MySQL DB’s
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
MilesWeb hosting plans


Let’s sort this one out first. Support is by far the most crucial aspect/factor for me when I’m looking to buy something, be it any device/theme or hosting service for this matter. The support provided by MilesWeb is excellent. To give you an example, I had a query regarding a free SSL certificate. Well, the support fixed it for me in just a couple of hours. So yeah, if support is something that’s awfully important for you then it’s safe to say that MilesWeb nails this.


Coming over to the next part, all of us want to explore what actually are the product features once we get our hands on it right? As soon as I bought the Swift pack, I wanted to take a look at how the CPanel would look like and whether I would have enough access to configure the DNS settings, my SQL database and so on.

I had no trouble in setting up an external email client to manage by domain mails and installing WordPress. All by figuring out the CPanel and that too easily.

What’s more? If you opt for their Swift or Turbo pack you even get to buy a free domain of your choice. All of that for a minimal price.

One very important thing that I really liked was that they are giving me full access to my database. So, it might happen that one day you decide to migrate your website to a different server or a different hosting service for whatever possible reason. Having access to your database is the most essential thing you should consider before buying any service.  There’s a thing called “Automated backups” as well. MilesWeb does provide automatic backups at some additional cost, however, if you are well aware of the technicalities to access your database and export it, then well you can do it easily using MilesWeb’s CPanel.

The option to choose your CDN or SSL is also something that I really liked. I configured my website to use Cloudflare’s famous CDN to reduce network latency and load images swiftly. The SSL that they provide is of Let’s Encrypt which does the job well. One other feature that I wanted to highlight here is the UNLIMITED space that they’re willing to give for dirt cheap price.

I compared this with other cheap hosting providers like HostSoch/OnoHosting, and yes MilesWeb provides us with the best deal available.

Final take

I wanted a hosting service to just test out the idea and see how the traction on the website is. For that I knew, I had to opt for a shared hosting service so as to keep a tab on the hosting cost as well as get the benefit out of it. is great if this falls in one of your use cases. If you’re looking for a dedicated server hosting service then there are better options out there.

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