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At BBL we take a keen interest in exploring what new technologies, offerings and services are out there that are yet somehow unheard of. Now, why is that? Imagine you are at a party where you find a group of friends who are just into your favourite sport – Baseball. During your time there all, you heard was about how well a team (that you’ve had no idea about) played against another, the score and some names of baseball players. I bet that even though you didn’t find all of the information useful, later down the line through word of mouth/advertisements and other media platforms you would soon recognize the team, the players and even the match that those friends were talking about.

The point is that even though you know and are satisfied with what you have, you never know what kind of stuff/features the other product is offering and that too at a comparatively discounted price!

I was recommended to by a friend who’d been using their services for quite a while now. Initially, we thought to just try it out and not do a dedicated review on them, however, that changed once we deployed a VPS server and started to evaluate the platform.

About the Platform

The UX is pretty easy to grasp. Once you signup and begin exploring, you’ll have no trouble in figuring out how to buy Domains, VPS, Web Hosting, Special deployment servers and other handy features.

I was particularly amazed by the option that they give you to buy a domain of your choice. Not many platforms roll out such features. The prepay option that they give is just a cherry on top of the cake.

Although at times I felt that the UI could have been better, however, I was satisfied with the interface as it didn’t create that much problems for me.


For the record, the VPS that we launched was ‘Virtuozzo’ and was based in New Jersey. We used Ubuntu as the Image and surprisingly it came installed with Apache2!

The list of the types of VPS is attached in the image below


To get a more accurate perception of how fast or slow our Interser VPS was, we decided to compare it with one of our website hosted on the well renowned AWS (Amazon Web Services).

The test that we did was based on the concept of how much time does it take the first Byte to reach the Server. Below are the comparisons of the two sites with images attached.



  1. Send – 77.29 ms
  2. Wait – 84.89 ms
  3. Receive – 0.06 ms



  1. Send – 279 ms
  2. Wait – 522 ms
  3. Receive – 0.12 ms

You can’t deny the stats and the facts here. Interserver not only beat its competitor but also they achieved this feat with far better results.

The VPS service is (as per our experience) blazingly fast! And given that you can launch a VPS server for a penny

Another win for me was that I was being handed an IPv4 by default. Man! While several other hosting providers charge for IPv4, Interserver managed to allot me the address by default. How convenient!

One thing I was left unsatisfied with was that I wasn’t able to figure out if I could change my A/MX/TXT record using the VPS menu only. I had to transfer the DNS to another DNS provider.

Apart from this, there were no serious complaints.

Web Hosting Service:

Another handy feature that I really like was the availability of managed web hosting service for – a penny (only if you’re a first time user). Imagine getting access to all of the stuff for free (almost).

While I have no complaints with the performance of the website hosted using this service, the speed was comparatively slower than that of the VPS hosted site. But that’s okay, the website managed to perform way better in terms of speed as compared to many other web hosting providers out there on the internet.


Frankly speaking, I start favouring their service more because of the quality and the type of support they provide. For instance, I wanted to SSH into my newly launched VPS server but was having trouble in doing so. Since my friend already told me about their quality support service, I contacted the support with thinking further. My problem was resolved within 10 mins.

No complaints there. Not at all.

Ps. If you also get stuck at the same problem then the answers is ‘ssh root@SERVER_IP’. If you’re using putty and windows then follow this link.


I really liked how they have laid out this feature as they know users opting for their web hosting or VPS services would obviously require a domain to operate on. Pretty clever! Nevertheless, the feature resides there and many users find it beneficial to use this instead of tabbing out and searching on the internet for the best price the domain is available at. 

Some other features that I’ve not covered in this article are the Rapid Deploy Servers, GPU dedicated servers and other heavy requirement specifics. 

To be honest, this is one such hosting provider whom I’d never heard of and didn’t know much about but was amazed to witness the packages that they were rolling out. I enjoyed my experience getting to know their platform and their services and have circled out some of the services that I’d be surely using for my own personal use. 

If you’re just starting out and are planning to startup for just a penny while at the same time build your application, then I’d highly recommend you going for

BBL’s recommendation score stands at 93.4%

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