Best web hosting services 2020

It is very critical to select the right company which provides the exact website hosting services which you want. For web hosts, selecting the right facility is the key step to host any website. The basic knowledge and the difference between multiple hosts give you the basic know-how about their role in your website. 

There are many top web hosting companies which provide free web hosting like WordPress or blogger while some of them do not provide free web hosting. Some companies usually offer Web hosting services with specific web hosting packages. They will deliver certain services in exchange for buying their product and services. 

Do you think that few companies are giving us free services in exchange for nothing? If you do think this, then let me tell you the biggest secret behind it. Those companies are not giving any services for free. In exchange for their services, they use your web pages as a source of advertisement where they can advertise their product and services to generate and leads hence revenue. Few companies share the earned revenue and few companies will not and why shouldn’t they?

In this context, we will discuss some of the web hosting companies, their services and the difference between those services like Packages, price, Money back guarantee, and uptime. So do not go anywhere, continue to read the content!


Hostgator is one of the best web hosting companies in 2020. It has been playing an important role for many websites just like, and so on. does not offer free hosting services, however, it comes with a web hosting package. Any web host will get free domain registration in exchange for newly buying products from 

It would charge an affordable price for their services. The minimum amount they charge from their users is $2.75/month for shared hosting, while they charge $118.99/month maximum for their services. 

This web hosting provider comes with 45 days money-back guarantee to build trust in the market place. They provide extra domains for free. This hosting provider provides amazing uptime of 99.99% with a guaranty.

2. was introduced in 2007 as and later on, it was launched as in 2007. Almost 10 million users started to use domains. In 2017, the development reached over 30 million people, which were more than happy to from the domain. offers one domain for free only and you will not get any external packages from this brand. delivers web hosting services at the cheapest price than the rest of the companies. 

The price varies with the membership period. They charge $0.99/month at minimum, while the expense can go up to $9.99/month maximum for their services. 

With the brilliant uptime of 99.95%, this hosting provider comes with 30 days money back guaranty, which enables many website owners to use their web hosting service. 


This is one of the biggest webs hosting providers and heavily used all over the world. This website does not offer any web hosting packages or free domain, keeping the fact that they charge an affordable rate from their users.

The price varies on various benefits. The minimum price of is $1.31/month, while the maximum price is $4.23/month. hosting provider comes with 30 days money back guaranty and delivers 99.9% uptime almost.


More than 2 million people are using Bluehost’s services all over the world. They offer a free domain to attract the clients upon hosting purchase. This is the only web hosting package it offers to its customers. 

The price model depends upon the features they provide to their customers. They charge $2.95 minimum renews at $7.99; while at maximum, charges $79.99 renews at $119.99.

With a 30 money-back guarantee and gives 99.9% of quality uptime.


It is known for its Free Web hosting services including the 1-month trial, free domains. If you’re a beginner then we’d definitely recommend you to use Godaddy.

You can start from zero prices by a 1-month free trial. It charges a minimum of $2.99 and a maximum of $179.99 to its customers. This web hosting provider delivers 99.97% uptime. doesn’t provide the feature of money-back guarantee until and unless you will request for refund within 48 hours of subscription time.  

BBL’s recommendation 

We have discussed the top 5 hosting providers in 2020. If you are still a bit sceptical about which service you should go for then we recommend you to go with

The primary reason for this choice is that it encourages beginners to take their services for free. As a beginner, you don’t need anything when you are getting everything for free. No other hosting service offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 405ms speed, 24/7 services for absolutely no cost for 1 month! 

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