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Best web hosting in Australia (April 2020)

While most of our traffic comes from Australia, at BBL, we decided to set up a server there. My manager asked me to compare the hosting services available over them and make a list of the pros and cons of each item on that list. The motive was to boil down to the best web hosting service in Australia through a thorough comparison.

Although to be honest making a list was not that hard but finding a web hosting service in Australia which was fast was pretty hard. Why? Because all of the services that we tested didn’t impress us with the results (the server speed was at best 240ms), however, it was better than the speed we were getting before.

Now before starting off, I would like to mention that almost all of the services are good and what we chose was purely based on our requirement at that time. It might be possible that you may have a different requirement or a use case so I do hope you make your decision accordingly.


Crazydomains is a prominent and well-known name in the domains and hosting market. The company needs no introduction and is widely used by indie developers and hobbyists from all over the world. It so happens that one of their datacenter is in Australia and I decided to give it a test.

The server ping test was surprising. The performance is above par from all of the services I tested and given how much they charged me for it, I was left in awe.

Their plans start from approximately 2$ a month if you opt for 10 years of hosting plan.

BBL’s recommendation score stands at 99%. You shouldn’t be missing a chance to get on board while their web hosting sale is going on. Seriously.


This one is special. Crucial is built by the Aussies and for them. I had to try them out because of their authenticity, their low footprint and yes because of the word of mouth reviews that I’ve heard from my peers. Crucial is surprisingly the fastest when it comes to web hosting in Australia for any kind of businesses.

The web hosting plan that they provide is relatively very cheap and almost contains all of the features which you require for hosting your website. As much as I was in awe, I was also disappointed with the fact that they don’t give you SSH access in their cheapest web hosting plan. No complaints on the support and performance side.

BBL’s recommendation score for Crucial stands at 98%. This means that you can opt for them with your eyes closed, you won’t be disappointed.


Honestly, I didn’t have any about them until I saw one of their ads on Google. Founded in 2011 Netvirtue is one of the oldest 100% Australian web hosting service providers. I tried to get on their trial version for some initial testing and yes, them being 2nd on our list definitely means that we were hugely impressed by their services and support!

The web hosting plan starts from just 7$ per month with their datacenters being in the most popular locations – Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne. Although they don’t provide you with direct server access, they do provide attractive features with best in class support at a mouth-watering price. Their clientele includes top organizations like Microsoft, Dell EMC and so on.

BBL’s recommendation score for NetVirtue is 97%. If you’re in the market looking out for a cheap web hosting service and that too with support and guarantee that you can rely on, please go for them.


Kinsta was founded in 2013 and has been revolutionizing the web hosting industry ever since. They claim that their support is very quick in not only answering but fixing your queries and yes, having personally used it, I can vouch for them on this. To show you how well they were doing on our test, I have put up a screenshot on the site’s speed and the time it takes to load a full web page if you’re located in Australia.

One feature that I really like about Kinsta is their server access fulfilment for a mere price of 30$ per month. This essentially means that you’re in total control of what you want to display, how do you want to display it and your ability to control the inner functionings of the website. Pretty impressive!

BBL’s recommendation score for Kinsta stands at 93%. Which means that no matter what your purpose is, be it web hosting, WordPress hosting or launching your own VPS server, Kinsta can be used as your daily driver.


Zuver is an Australian domain provider and web hosting company which started back in 2012. They are located in Melbourne and are loved by independent bloggers and small/ medium Australian enterprises. What got me really interested in Zuver was that they give you the ability to control and choose what you pay for and how much you pay for it.

This is a great option and added that their plan starts with almost 2$ a month, I think it would be highly beneficial for starters who’re looking to start their own website without expending much on the hosting side. One con that I can clearly see though is that they ask you to pay for their customer service.

BBL’s recommendation score for Zuver is 89%. The server performance and the speed is top-notch. The score would have been in the 90s if they removed the paid customer service option.


If nothing else works, you always have Bluehost – I remember one of my friends telling me back in those days. Well, Bluehost is one of the most used and very famous hosting providers. Their clientele is very large and diverse and they claim to have a datacenter in Australia but our test results didn’t seem to justify that statement.

Of course, you might have heard of them or better you would have heard of their classy customer support. 

BBL’s score for Bluehost is 74%. The dip in the score is mainly due to the low performance we got from our results.


Lastly, I thought why not test out another one of the most popular web hosting services out there. This is one of the oldest companies as well. They started back in 2001 and you can imagine the experience and the quality of service that they give.

Their hosting plans start from 3$ onwards which is cheap however I was put off with the speed that I received. You can see in the image below for a mere 89 requests and to load 1.6 MB the site took 5.37 seconds to respond. 

BBL’s score for A2Hosting is 50%. We don’t recommend using their services if you’re especially based out of Australia. We believe that there are better services out there. However, if you’re really looking for an established web hosting service provider then this is definitely you should be going for.

Well, then. With this, we come to the end of my list. I really hope you do get some good insights on all of these service providers listed here. Do drop in a comment if you have any questions.


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