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An interview with Pardeep Goyal – Founder of

In this episode of BBL’s One to One we are going to interview the founder one of the famous blogs in finance – Mr. Pardeep Goyal. Being always intrigued by how the market works and how an individual can make some quick bucks is always something which has intrigued me for quite a while.

Upon landing on I figured that the content there was not only rich but written in such a simple and easy language that even a novice like me was able to understand what happened why. I decided to contact the owner and inquire about how did they manage to create this blog.

For those looking to launch something of their own in the finance niche, give this interview a read. Special thanks to Mr. Pardeep for his time!

Can you please introduce yourself?

I am Pardeep Goyal, founder of An award-winning personal finance blog where I educate people to manage their finances well to live a financially independent life.

How and when you got started? Were you confident that you’ll find success when you started? Where are you now in terms of success and statistics.

I was in an IT job from 2006 to 2013. In 2013, I resigned from that job to launch a startup. But that startup failed with a loss of more than $20,000. I had no motivation to do the job again, so I started doing freelancing for something that I learned from my failed startup that was content writing. I started my blog to practice what I was learning about digital marketing.

I started sharing money-saving hacks that worked for me on my blog. Since my content was useful to my readers, my articles went viral and I start getting huge traffic on my blog. My blog hit 200,000 visitors mark in 2017 and I never looked back. Despite my blog was popular, I didn’t make a single penny from my blog for 18 months. I never liked Ads on my blog because they spoil the reader’s experience. Then accidentally, I came to know about Affiliate Marketing and in a couple of months, I started earning $2,000 per month. I have grown my blog to earn approx. $10,000 per month.

CashOverflow also won the best blog award from Indiblogger in 2017.

Do you think the current market for bloggers is saturated with almost every pro blogger targeting the most commonly used keywords?

No doubt the competition is very high these days. But I think everyone is unique.

How does your daily routine looks like and what do you do on weekends compared to the time when you were just starting?

I have automated my business and most of my work is done by my team. Now I give 2 hours to my business and spend the rest of the time on my farm or with my family. I love to do gardening since my childhood. Last year, I bought 1 Acre agriculture land and started experimenting with Permaculture farming. I am making my farm a self-sustainable without any business motive behind it. In the meanwhile, I keep on sharing my blogging knowledge free of cost on

Any tip for people who’re just getting started with blogging?

I have seen people wasting time on domain name selection or theme selection without caring about the content which is more important. I would suggest starting a blog immediately once you have finalized the niche without wasting time on secondary things like domain name, or blog theme. These things are only valuable if your blog has traffic.

So your first priority is to start a blog, bring traffic to your blog, and sustain that traffic with your valuable content. Secondly, if you want to start a blog as your business, then think like an entrepreneur. Invest your money in the valuable stuff without hesitation I would love to spend money if that is adding value to me and my reader. It could be a thousand dollar course that would add value to my knowledge or a superfast hosting or a tool that will improve the user experience of my reader.

If you were to start a new blogging website today, which particular niche would you pick and why? How much incubation time would you give to it before expecting any sorts of monetary income from it?

I would like to start a blog in cryptocurrency. After finance, what appeals to me is futuristic technologies and cryptocurrency is a combination of both. I would primarily focus on providing valuable content to my readers for at least 1 year. Once I get confidence that my readers are getting value, then I would start expecting some income from my blog.

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