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How blogging can help you earn more than enough – An Interview with Anil Agarwal

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At BBL we often discussed the idea of starting a podcast on interviewing people who’ve ‘cracked the code’. Now a podcast essentially is a lot of work in itself. After a very brief discussion within 5 of team members, we decided to host this interview series on our blog. Hence the inception of ‘One to One’. Our main aim to inspire and build confidence in our readers to get started with the idea that they were pondering over some time back 🙂

Welcome to the first ‘episode’ of One to One. In this episode, we are here with Mr Anil Agarwal. Read on to know more!

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hey Guys, My name is Anil Agarwal and I own a couple of blogs at and With BloggersPassion, I’m trying to take my blog readers websites and blogs traffic and revenue to the next level. HostingMonks project is dedicated to web hosting solutions.

How and when you got started? Were you confident that you’ll find success when you started? Where are you now in terms of success and statistics.

I started using free blogs to build backlinks for the company websites where I was working as an SEO expert in 2006. Later I started using to create my own blogs. During the initial days, I was not sure about revenue. But I had no other option except trying the things I was learning.

The primary motive was to earn some extra income with those blogs as I was not happy with my salary. I got some success with them. I was monetizing those blogs through Google Adsense only.
In 2007 I started a blog in blogging niche (self-hosted WordPress blog) which I sold via in 2009 for $35K to a UK guy.

I started working on in Jan 2010. BloggersPassion kept growing slowly as I was working on it in my spare time only for the first five to six years. Once I started earning a decent income from it, I started hiring content writers.
On BloggersPassion, things have improved a lot in the last three years. In 2017, we made $65K and in 2018 our revenue increased to $106K. We end up making $125K in 2019.

So far we were getting most of the revenue while selling affiliate products. But this year, we started working on eBooks as well. We have already launched our first premium eBook successfully and should be able to launch three to four more paid eBooks this year.

Do you think the current market for bloggers is saturated with almost every pro blogger targeting the most commonly used keywords?

I don’t think the blogging industry is saturated. No doubt more and more people are getting into blogging and competition is also growing. But with the competition, there is huge revenue potential as well. These days people are using different platforms to blog. And you can get success with any of those platforms. Some people are creating WordPress based blogs while others are going for YouTube channels.

How does your daily routine look like and what do you do on weekends compared to the time when you were just starting?

When I started things were very difficult for me. I had a full-time job and had to take care of my family needs as well. In those days, I mostly worked on my blog in the night only. I tried to give three to four hours daily. Since now I’m blogging full time, so I tried to give six to eight hours daily to my blogs. Three to four hours before lunch and then try to give three to four hours after lunch.

On weekends mostly I don’t work. I happen to be busy with family dependencies.

Any tip for people who’re just getting started with blogging?

For those who are just starting with blogging, keep putting efforts on your blog. Improve your blogging skills and try to implement all of your learnings on your blog. It’s going to take some time before you will see success with your blog. So don’t lose hope and don’t stop blogging.
Everything starts with an idea. As we work to convert an idea into reality, we face lots of challenges. And we learn a lot from all the phases we go through to convert an idea into reality.

Before working on our first eBook, we had lots of confusion about the whole process and whether people will be interested in buying an eBook from us. We did not think much and tried to create an awesome eBook around keyword research. So far, we got more than 300 sales for the eBook in a month.

If you were to start a new blogging website today, which particular niche would you pick and why? How much incubation time would you give to it before expecting any sorts of monetary income from it?

We started in Jan 2019 which is a blog dedicated to web hosting solutions. We started getting sales from it after six months.

We created a section around Black Friday hosting deals here We got some sales from HostingMonks during 2019 Black Friday week.

I will go for a niche I’m knowledgeable about and I know how I’m going to monetize it. If I have to start a new blog today that could be around just SEO solutions or WordPress.

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